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HHC Consulting

HHC founder Kate Maslowski helps holistic practitioners hone their messaging and increase their reach to existing and potential patients. 

Holistic Health Collaborative Consulting is designed to bring the following to consulting clients:


Expert Training

Webinars and virtual classes from expert practitioners to patients and those advocating for their own wellness.


Content Strategy

Monthly content strategy sessions to hone your virtual presence as a healthcare provider and reach a wider audience.


Tech Consulting

Marketing and webinar technology advice and expertise to ensure practitioners are supported in their outreach efforts.

About Kate

Kate Maslowski is the founder of the Holistic Health Collaborative and a sales expert with more than 15 years of experience in marketing technology.

During my career, I have worked for such technology powerhouses as Constant Contact, Toast, and LogMeIn, the parent of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. I have worked as a leader in business development, sales management, and relationship management. In short: I excel at connecting people using technology.

It is with this expertise that I am filling a need in the healthcare market that I discovered through my own wellness journey. Suffering from inexplicable flu-like symptoms and fatigue for years, doctors treated my symptoms but never the underlying causes. As a result, it wasn’t until the insight from a nutritionist who helped connect me with holistic healthcare practitioners that my wellness became a priority and the healing of my whole person - body and mind - began. 

My dedication to helping holistic practitioners connect with the patients who need them most is deeply personal. Holistic Health Collaborative is designed to connect patients in need with the practitioners who can help them feel well. But my dedication to holistic health doesn’t stop there. In fact, I developed my consulting arm of HHC to help practitioners hone their messaging and increase their reach to existing and potential patients. 

Healthcare Is Changing

The way practitioners provide healthcare and share vital information on wellness is changing. New and emerging technologies make it easier than ever to connect with patients, other providers, students, and potential clients where they are and when it works for you. 

Offering virtual learning sessions can help establish your expertise to a wider audience, reach new clients, connect with peers, and strengthen your professional network. If you’ve been considering expanding your business beyond individual consultation sessions into webinars, classes, and seminars, HHC Consulting is primed and excited to help you get started! 

With founder Kate Maslowski’s unique sales expertise in the marketing technology field, she can help you or your entire practice get set up and rolling with virtual classes, one-off webinars, and more. Each consulting client is provided white-glove service, as Kate tailors her work to the specific needs of each practitioner. She is also a firm believer in the idea that people take out of an experience what they put in, so her consulting clients are asked to work with her to create the ideal virtual learning experience for their audience.

Consulting Services


What To Bring With You

  • Up to ten content ideas

  • Subtopic, or adjacent topic, ideas for two of these ideas

  • Any existing content - written, audio, or video - that you may have created 

  • A completed client questionnaire 

  • A sense of the story you wish to tell

  • A dedication to practicing your webinar or presentation!


The Consultant's Role

  • Review, assess and finalize content and story ideas

  • Provide an actionable, doable checklist of next steps

  • Help with practicing the webinar or class session

  • Recommend key tools, such as webinar and email marketing platforms

  • Review and assessment of your finalized webinar, landing page & promotional emails


Services Not Included

  • Content creation

  • Webinar creation

  • Landing page design

  • Webinar or class moderation

  • Social media promotion and marketing


Add-On Packages

  • Email template series for promoting your virtual event(s)

  • 10 basic design PowerPoint slides with client logo

  • Content creation (script writing, slide development, and any additional multi-media integration), additional template design (beyond the 10 mentioned in the previous bullet), complete email marketing for your event, social media marketing, all provided through our Marketing partner. 


Start Now

If you’re interested in learning more about our consulting services, please contact Kate to set up a discovery call and discuss how HHC Consulting can help you grow your business and share your expertise.

Click the button below to contact us.

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