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Our Story

Kate Maslowski is a veteran of the sales and marketing technology space. Her own personal health challenges led her on a wellness journey that culminated in a passion for all things holistic health. This is her story.

How It Started

With a high-pressure and high-powered job working for some of the nation’s most recognized marketing technology companies, such as Constant Contact and the parent of GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, Kate was traveling often, working hard, and staying at the top of her game. The healthy 30 year old woke every morning at 5:30, exercised, ate well, and was in the best shape of her life. Until she suddenly wasn’t. 

On one particular trip to Nepal, Kate found herself ill and couldn’t climb her way back to health even after she returned to the States. She refers to it as “the perfect storm” where her stress, reduction in exercise, and poor diet collided. Kate could barely drag herself out of bed each morning, feeling flu-like symptoms coupled with a lack of focus and drive. Repeated visits to over 20 typical, clinical doctors left her frustrated, and only offered temporary alleviations of symptoms, but no real solutions. She would find herself feeling just as bad, if not worse, after these visits. Doctors diagnosed her with anxiety and recommended calorie deficits and increased exercise. Kate wasn’t getting solutions to her underlying problems.


How Things Changed

It was only after Kate sought the help of a nutritionist that the pieces started to fall into place. This nutritionist helped Kate make a more thorough assessment of her whole body system and she then sought out homeopathic care. For the past six years, each homeopathic practitioner has helped her feel better, treating her whole person instead of individual systems. This experience has allowed Kate and her practitioners to address the root cause of her health concerns, rather than just treat symptoms. It is from this personal experience that has driven Kate to passionately advocate for others in accessing the full spectrum of healthcare available to them. 



Using her experience in sales and marketing technology, Kate is leveraging her specialty in connecting people to helping patients and the health-conscious find their ideal holistic healthcare practitioners. Using her 15 years of experience in this field, she created Holistic Health Collaborative to help you on your journey to wellness. Whether you’re seeking a practitioner to help alleviate chronic back pain, an unexplained bout of fatigue, or improve your overall health, this database is designed to match you with your ideal holistic health specialists. 

We at HHC are passionate about connecting certified healthcare providers and specialists with the people who need them most. With Kate’s personal journey in mind, we know each individual’s experience is unique, and we’re here to support you the whole time. 

In health and wellness,

The Holistic Health Collaborative Team

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