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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Sensuality as a Mother in Everyday Life

by HHC Practitioner Ashley Maina, Certified Transformational Coach and Sensual Yoga Teacher

In our current modern world, where disconnection often feels like the norm and so much focus can be outside of ourselves, it’s a radial act to enjoy ourselves and live from our sensuality and feminine spirit.

I believe it’s the very thing missing in our over scheduled lives that contributes to our overall happiness, fulfillment, and confidence as women and mothers. In order for us to show up as the type of woman and mother that we want to be, we first need to be connected to ourselves - which as a mother can be difficult. Reclaiming our sensuality is one way to build that connection and it can be interwoven into our daily lives.

In this blog post, I will provide 5 tangible practices to reclaim your sensuality in everyday life and ultimately feel more connected to yourself, more whole as a woman, and more fulfilled overall.

What is Sensuality and Why Should You Care?

Sensuality is often misunderstood. It can be associated with overt, unwanted sexuality or some sketchy store selling sensual products... none of which I am talking about here.

I view sensuality as an amplifier - while in its most basic form - it’s simply taking in experiences through our five senses. If done well, with intention, it truly makes life more enjoyable.

Sensuality is the depth and richness brought to any experience. It’s the .

missing link, the “something more” that you’re unconsciously seeking. It’s the epitome of a woman who seems to float through life, she’s present, grounded, has conviction, and a silent inner confidence and contentment that creates magnetism and mystery.

Here are five ways that you can start tapping into your sensuality at home, in your everyday life - and yes even with kids.

Practice #1

Ask yourself the question – “What would make this more pleasurable”?

This is the best hack into your desires and I have so much fun with this question. While it can be as simple as a cup of tea or a blanket while on the couch, it allows you to build your capacity for pleasure step by step.

Practice #2

Slow down and do nothing. "Sensual Sundays" seems to be a thing in the world of Instagram. While you may not have a full day to devote to cultivating your sensuality, start by sitting or laying down and doing nothing for 5 minutes. Use this time to notice sounds, scents, perhaps the wind on your body, and just take it in.

Practice #3

Try an oil self massage . Find a delicious massage oil with a scent that you enjoy. While in the shower (and with great care to not slip from the oil! Use a towel to clean up after) massage your breasts gently, shake them, cup them, and start to explore what feels good.

Practice #4

Practice hip circles with a feather light touch. Building on the self touch theme, practicing hip circles with feather light touches all over your body is a quick way to drop into connection with yourself.

Practice #5

Upgrade a fabric and play dress up! If you were to close your eyes and imagine yourself as the radiant woman you’d like to be, what comes to mind? Use this opportunity to upgrade the fabric of a staple item (such as a bathrobe or pajamas) into a sensual luxury such as silk. I love how silk feels on my skin. Which textile would you like to feel more of on your body?

Choose one practice to start with and set yourself up for success by putting it in your calendar or placing a sticky note reminder on your mirror. I hope these five simple practices will help you rediscover your feminine sensual nature. Remember, reclaiming your sensuality is simply moving through life at a pace where you can enjoy yourself through your senses - seeing, tasting, hearing, touching, and smelling. It’s a practice that you build and as you build it more and more will unfold.

I’d love to hear from you - email me at if you’d like more support in rediscovering your sensuality and Self as a woman and mother, or connect with me on instagram at ‘@ashleymainacoaching.

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