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Creating Your Ideal Client

Knowing who you want to work with (and DON'T want to work with) and why is an important step in your business plan, marketing strategy, and overall success as a practitioner. It may seem like the easiest way to get the most clients is to appeal to everyone, but this often backfires. If you are trying to cast too broad of a net to reach everyone, you will only reach a few. Choosing a more narrow niche to market to, as well knowing who you are talking to, is important in knowing how you can provide the service, support, and communication to your clients.

How do you go about doing this?

Define one person in detail and write it down.

Who is this person?









What makes them happy?

What are they worried about?

What do they google at night?

Where do they shop?

How do they work through stress or tension?

By getting this specific, you can find gaps in how well you understand your client. Don't be hard on yourself when you discover these gaps! Fill them in by doing market research. Poll your clients or people in your life, and once you have a better understanding of who your ideal client is, marketing will become so much easier. This content is perfect for newsletters, blogs, social media posts and more.

Let this be a process. Don't rush it and see what you can learn!

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