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Our Team

At the Holistic Health Collaborative, we are passionate about helping others find better health through holistic wellness care. We've gone through our own natural health journeys, and know how hard it can be to find the help you need. HHC is here to make it easier.

Kate Maslowski

HHC Founder

Kate's personal health challenges over the past few years led her on a wellness journey that culminated in a passion for all things holistic health.

By using her experience in sales and by leveraging her specialty in connecting people, Kate's goal is to help health-conscious individuals - and those who have struggled with their health - find their ideal holistic healthcare practitioners. The Holistic Health Collaborative is a database to condense holistic healthcare into one place. The goal is to make finding and hiring a practitioner simple and accessible. Whether you’re seeking a practitioner to help alleviate chronic back pain, an unexplained bout of fatigue, or improve your overall health, this is the place to go for all your information.

Kate is also a webinar coach for practitioners. The way practitioners provide healthcare and share vital information on wellness is changing. Kate guides practitioners to success by utilizing webinars and classes to enhance their businesses and make sure their knowledge is shared with the world. 


Michelle Fulmer

Director of Practitioner Onboarding

Michelle comes from a diverse background of teaching and healthcare. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Secondary Education, Michelle started her career as a teacher where
she taught high school Biology and Anatomy & Physiology for four years.
To fulfill her growing passion for health, Michelle got her second Bachelor’s degree in Nursing where she worked in a variety of settings, including Emergency Medicine, Endoscopy, and various types of Medical-Surgical units. Michelle also served in the US Army Reserves as a Nurse.
As Michelle lived the life of health and wellness she taught to her patients, she gained first-hand experience on the impact one’s lifestyle and habits have on happiness and growth as a person.
As of most recent, Michelle obtained her Functional Medicine Health Coach certificate. She combines her passion for overall health and wellness with her love of education in this newest journey as she helps guide her clients on the proper track to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Kate Even

Director of Marketing

Kate’s extensive experience in the startup world and women led business brought her to the Holistic Health Collaborative team. Her own care health journey opened her eyes to the power of holistic healthcare, and that combining Eastern and Western medicine with fitness and good nutrition can bring healing and rejuvenation.

Kate’s background is in business development, marketing, and creative design. She has worked as a photographer, Creative Director, and has held leadership roles in several non profits. She is thrilled to combine her love of healthy living with marketing and outreach.

Kate Even Headshot.jpeg

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