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The Podcast

HHC founder Kate Maslowski hosts the Empowered Health, Holistic View podcast to share the expertise of holistic health practitioners with a wider audience.

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About The Show

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Empowered Health: A Holistic View covers everything you want and need to know about alternative medicine. This one-of-a-kind podcast dives into the holistic world to help you on your journey to find real, lasting health for your mind, body and spirit. Join host and holistic health patient Kate Maslowski as she speaks to experts in a multitude of holistic practices, patients, and other health professionals every week to get a Holistic View of your health!

We’ve designed this podcast to be a safe environment for all who might be interested in holistic health, whether out of curiosity about alternative methods of healing, if they’re suffering from mystery illnesses that traditional doctors haven’t been able to fully address, or if a listener is on the search to find the right practitioners for their personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. If you've struggled with health issues, you aren't alone, and exploring holistic health care options might still be an option for improved wellbeing. 

Not just informative, these discussions are designed to help listeners feel informed and empowered enough to control their own health. Join us every week to hear from patients and practitioners about their own personal and professional wellness journeys, learn about different healing modalities and their origins, and get informed so you can experience your own Empowered Health.

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