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How To Promote Your Business on Facebook

Facebook remains one of the best social media platforms you should use to promote your business. While other apps such as Instagram and TikTok may be great for exposure, Facebook pages have consistently remained a central hub for businesses worldwide. With an audience of 2.91 billion, you are sure to get the exposure you are looking for! Continue reading to discover the ways you can best promote your business on Facebook.

1. Create a business page. Even if you have been using your personal page for years to communicate updates about your practice, take this as the sign you've been waiting for to make the switch. Invite those that follow you on your personal page to like and follow your business page. This new page will establish your business as a professional and credible one.

2. Maximize your profile. Add as much information as possible to this page, so potential clients can find everything they're looking for in one place. We're talking business hours, location, pictures, reviews, address, etc. Utilize the call to action buttons to invite clients to visit your website, schedule a booking, contact you, and more.

3. Interact. When someone interacts with your page, engage back! Don't leave comments or questions sitting in no man's land forever. Even a simple thumbs up lets people know the time they took to write on your page matters.

4. Join Groups! Brainstorm what type of groups your target audience is already a part of, and join them! Maybe some you will use to find potential clients, and some you will use to network. Facebook has over ten million groups, so you are bound to find at LEAST a few you like!

5. Create a Group. Building your own community around your brand can be tremendously beneficial. Members can have discussions centered around your business and expertise. This doesn't have to be overwhelming. Once you create your group, set a manageable goal for posting (once a week is all it takes!) and engage your audience. Remember, you are the authority in your business and the expert in your field, you have great content to offer! Speaking of which...

6. Post Great Content. Posting high quality content a few times a week is far better than pushing a lot of "fluff". Utilize images, text, videos, and polls. Make it easy for your audience to interact with your posts.

Additional ways to maximize your Facebook presence:

Run Facebook ads

Have giveaways and contests


Host events

Everything starts with a first step. Do some research and find examples of pages you like to guide you. You have a lot to offer as a holistic health practitioner and this is your chance to showcase it!

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